Amend that “new year, new you” slogan. We prefer “new kitchen, new you.” If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with personal health—maybe going out a few more walks, or cooking meals at home—you might find it difficult to feel inspired in your hum-drum kitchen. You might even be considering a full kitchen revamp for 2018. One thing is certain—modern accents, sleek lines and striking colors reign supreme. We’ve got some ideas for modern design elements to add a little extra to your kitchen (and, accordingly, to your cooking). Here’s our take on the top kitchens for the new year.

Natural Looks


Among 2018’s top trends are sure to be natural or reclaimed wood cabinetry. Revive your kitchen with natural wood, and complement the wood’s textures with simple accents. Use a simple white tile backsplash, or a terrazzo countertop to add visual interest. Match your cabinetry to your window frames, and add a little green—either with a few planters or some striking hardware. For a sleek, unobtrusive look, add recessed hardware to blend with your cabinets, or consider skipping hardware altogether in favor of cut holes for a thoroughly minimal look. Even if you opt for more traditional cabinetry, you might consider adding a reclaimed plank dining table and plants in white porcelain pots for a 21st century farm house vibe.

Jewel Tones

Source: Pufik Home Inspirations

Bright white walls and subway tile might be the most striking against a reclaimed or natural wood interior, but you’re sure to find bright colors making an appearance in top trends as well. Retro cabinetry and appliances made a serious comeback in 2017, and they’re here to reign as a top trend. Striking high-gloss cabinetry in unusual colors will brighten your kitchen, and a patterned tile floor will add a little extra retro flair. A little wary of the jewel tones? Try a glossy red refrigerator, yellow hardware, or a bright blue range. One statement appliance can tie a whole kitchen together.


Mixed Metallics & Minimalist Tables



For smaller spaces, nix the traditional table. Consider adding a breakfast bar, or a table connected to your counter space. For parties and gatherings, you can even store your chairs and use the extra space as a buffet. You’ll find mixed metallic accents, such as lamps and appliance highlights, becoming modern kitchen touchstones. With natural wood or slate, you’ll find metallic accents draw even more attention, especially with minimalist shelving and cabinetry.


Customizable Shelving & Storage



For smaller spaces (and smaller kitchens) you’ll find vertical storage is key. Luckily, minimal and modern interiors such as this one are not only chic, but functional. Floating shelves on a drilled wood wall like this one allow you to mix and match your storage space. So long as you have pegs and shelves--you’ll have extra storage. Add natural wood cabinetry or a slate countertop for a mix of natural colors and materials, or use your floating shelves as display as well as storage.