One of the down sides of the real estate crash was a change in ownership of what I call financially distressed properties.Some areas hit with multiple foreclosures and corporate buyers have seen the value of the property decrease and also have seen a decease in maintenance. Property values are going up but the increases may not be enough for some owners. The situation is that appraisers and realtors will do value based upon what has sol in the last year. If you have a home that is challenged by this situation the best advice i can give you is to market and show the value of your home. That may include an analysis  of replacement value. If a property nearby is corporate owned and is in disrepair you do have some options. The pride of ownership factor of a neighborhood can be lost however you may be able to get help. It will not be easy and will take time and effort but it can be done. Lazy agents won't help you. I will!!