Toxic Drywall has been around since 2001. It was used more after the builders were faced with shortages after hurricane Katharina. It is most commonly referred to as Chinese Drywall due to the importation of materials from overseas and particularly China. It gives off an odder and effects copper wiring and plumbing. I am sure if it has an effect on those things I am also sure it has health effects.

The purpose of this article is not to define the effects or hazards. I will leave that up to the experts. The purpose of this article is to report that will some effected homeowners are beginning to see relief and many more may see relief in the near future, I wonder how many homes were foreclosed upon, sold under their original cost, or sold by short sales.

While it is good to see signs of movement, the amount of time and expense of resolving a defective product with foreign governments is extremely costly. I do not know if the true cost can be calculated.

The take away here should be to error on the side of caution when it comes to buying real estate.