One can take a ploitical position on the cause of climate change. The reality is regardless of the cause we can not afford to do nothing. It is one of those things in life that you may put off today and save by doing nothing but you will pay down the road. I am not sure that addressing and fixing the problem will have negative economic impact. In fact, it may create new technologies and jobs today. The excuse of may objectors is  "I  am not a scientist" . You do not have to be just used some good old common sense. Below is a quote from a person who is in the path today which I think makes sense. I often read about the prices being paid for real estate in The south Florida Area. A question comesto mind what will those parcels be worth and how much will people pay for them when they are underwater. Not financially but physically underwater.

"We're suffering while everyone is arguing man-made or natural," said Christine Florez, president of the West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association# "We should be working together to find solutions so people don't feel like they've been left on a log drifting out to sea#"