Florida is a very large state with diverse regions and idustries. I do not portend to know all regions of the state however I do believe affordable housing affects many segments of the entire state such as arigculture, ranching, construction and hospitality industries . I have heard that many builders/employers  are not able to find qualified workers to help them. The real estate market home building as well as home remodeling has the ability to produce good paying jobs for many.

We also have a vibrant hospitality industry due to our weather and climate.

 A key component of creating jobs and attracting workers is affordable housing. I do not think this is unique to any part of the state  or industry so I would support efforts to build more affordable housing.

"From the perspective of those who build affordable housing, it's quite simple – housing equals jobs," said Jerry Linder, president of the Florida Home Builders Association, a member of the Sadowski Coalition.