The real estate market always has various segemnets that make up groth. During the recession and falling prices we saw a number of large investors take advantage of the low prices for rental cash flow and appreacation . It would appear that as the real estate market is changing we are now seeing an influx of retirement buyers. Perhaps it is because of the cost of living up in other areas of the country. Perhaps it is because of the climate and the severe weather much of the country experianced. Perhaps it is due to the stock market and the overall economy riasing. It mopst likely is a combination of all of those factors and more. I do not know. What I do know is that more demand is good. The caution is not to have the entire market supported by one segment.

We still have a situation where it is difficult for first time home buyers due to tight lending, price appreciation, Larger than nomal debt to income ratios.

A good balanced market is best for growth. As always real estate markets are local and it is best to be working with a professional to help you find the best value.