The reeality is the seller gets the net proceeds  in cash at the time of a real estate closing. The difference between cash offers and finaced offers generally is what kind of discount the buyer wnts for a cash offer and the time and uncertanty of a financed offer. Many things can go wrong with no fault to the buyer on a financed offer such as appraisail coming in lower that the offer price, inspections and negotiations between the bank and the borrower(Tax returns etc.). The seller has to way all of those issues when deciding wether  to accept a cash offer or finanaced offer. Yes thge risks can be minimised with a cash offer based upon proof of funds and knowing more about the buyer's ability to get a loan. There are many factors that come into play. That is where a professional real estate agent can and should help. dealing with all of the parties involved in the transaction to make it go smoothly financed or cash. It is less important on who the buyer is than wher the money is coming from. This is true for residential or commercial real estate.