After buying a house for renovation and resale, it’s important to try and raise the value of the property to make a true profit. A big part of that is investing a little bit of money into improving home aesthetics. When trying to sell a house or apartment, it makes sense to dress up the main rooms to show some of the potential the property can hold. A house or apartment can be improved in a few key ways. Let’s take, for example, a two-bedroom home in sunny Sarasota, half a mile from the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. First, think about who you want to attract to the home. With such close proximity to music and entertainment, this location is sure to attract well-dressed adults with an interest in the arts. Thus, decor may really help sell the home. Placing a few tasteful pieces of art and furniture can really tie the room together. When it comes to art, pick a few light-colored pieces that mimic the environment. Beach paintings work great here. If the walls haven’t been painted recently, consider hiring a quick and efficient painting team while you curate the art. When decorating the living room or entrance path, think about the weather too — this property is in Florida, close to the water and the sunshine. Try using natural colors and furniture to accent some of the modern art features. Place some of the furniture under rugs that have a bit of a casual feel. Try placing a sisal rug under the furniture to add a bit of depth to the living room. It will add a natural, airy look to a house or apartment, which will fit in perfectly with the weather. It’s reversible and works well with light-colored walls, too. Bedrooms have the option to be a bit more cozy. Take a stab at decorating one of the bedrooms with new art. A wool rug may be especially comfortable for your feet as you get out of bed. With wooden furniture, the alfa beige wool may be especially pleasing to the eye. Anyone on tour will comment on how it works well with the wood, too. When redecorating a home for resale, take the time to see what affordable ways can improve high-traffic areas. Art and carpet can do a lot to tie the room together and make it appealing for potential buyers.