I agree first time home buyers are the future health of the real estate market. As I have oten said there are various segments of the market and they all have to be healthy to have a healthy real estate market.

While it is true that some first time homebuyers or second time buyers may have challenges such as lack of downpayment, student loans, poor credit, etc. they should still try to quailfy for a mortgage. Owning in todays market is less expensive than renting and here are many other benifits obvious and not so obvious to owning your own home. If a first time  home buyer thinks they want to buy they should make every effort and try.

"In America, we survive on housing. It represents such a large portion of the gross domestic product that we can't get back on track until we find a method to get millennials – that group of 25- to 35-year-old first-time homebuyers – back in the housing game," said Michael Sichenzia, owner of Blue Ocean Solutions, a Parkland, Fla.-based consulting firm for the housing and construction industry.

"The first-time homebuyer is the kindling for the housing market for the midlevel buyer to move up," he said. "The midlevel buyer can't move up unless they sell to first-time homebuyers. What happened is the pendulum swung so far to the right, making it harder for first-timers to get in."