When raw land was more abundant Builders/developers built communities with Golf courses. Perhaps they also did this to compete with other builder/developers. Golf courses lend themselves to great views .

In today's world, The cost of raising land values an overall maintainence, makes theses courses very expensive for the communities that operate them (These equity membership fees can run into 10 s of thousands of dollars). They pass these costs off in new membership fees.

Unforetuneatly these high fees impact the price and value of the properties being sold. It forces the prices down since buyers do not want to pay high contribution costs a property and the on going costs of regular membership. 

I do not have an opinion of whether this is right or wrong. I do know this dynamic has pushed prices down in equity communities.

The seller often lowers the price to make up for the fees.As always my advice is to ask questions and do  the proper due diligence when buying a property.