Real estate is my second career. My first was the Consumer Electronics industry at various levels. I taught or my youngest daughter taught me DOS on an Atari game console. Not to sound like a Dinosaur Waiting to Fall into a Puddle of Goo. I have kept up with every technology since. I consider myself to be very computer/technology proficient.

Unfortunately, with everything that is good comes with some things that are not so good.

What I find particularly disturbing, is that people use computers, social media, and the internet to voice their opinions about a wide range of subjects they know little about and do not think about the impact of what they are saying or how it will be understood by others. I must admit I am guilty of this behavior myself. Recently I have resisted the urge to say things in electronic media that I would not say to a person’s face.

While this has nothing to do with real estate may I suggest you think before you say or type something and publish it how others will understand and perceive that communication.