I often wonder how things get so out of hand. I do not know the facts and I am sure both sides have their reasons however as I have written in previous articles I do think affordable housing is important locally and to our state. I am also in favor of Amendment 1. I personally voted for it.

I do not know why the legislature is trying to decide one over the other.

I do know that both programs are good for the state health and the real estate market in general.

Perhaps this is why I am a real estate broker instead of a legislator.I sincerely hope this issue can be resolved.


 A key component of creating jobs and attracting workers is affordable housing. I do not think this is unique to any part of the state  or industry so I would support efforts to build more affordable housing.

"From the perspective of those who build affordable housing, it's quite simple – housing equals jobs," said Jerry Linder, president of the Florida Home Builders Association, a member of the Sadowski Coalition.