With all of the information on the internet today, It may seem easy to get the value of a home. In  a neighborhood with similar houses it is easier to estimate values. Sometimes values of homes in neighborhoods that are similar do vary, depending on the upgrades and maintenance .

It is difficult to make a buyer aware of those upgrades and maintenance. It can logically be done however, often times sellers are not realistic about the extra values and they think or want to get dollar for  dollar of what they spent.

That is not always realistic as kitchens and bathrooms do not return what amount of dollars that was put into them.

The last leg of determining a home’s value is as much an art as it is a science. No matter what the  upgrades and condition a home’s value cannot exceed the neighborhood value by  a lot. Buyers  typically do not buy the most expensive home in the area.

Which is the main reason why a professional can help you value your property correctly.