Home-Selling Secrets: Nail the First Impression


Selling a house can be a complicated juggling act. Though amenities do a lot of the heavy-lifting to paint a picture for a potential buyer, no customer will give you the time of day if your house looks like a mess. Whether it’s in online pictures or in a tour, buyers are constantly developing and evolving their opinions of the home. Take the time to make the home presentable to nail that first impression.


Two of the best ways to make a home look polished for sale is to clean it out and add in some accent decor, like flowers or candles. A lot of times, looking at a bare space may seem like it will leave a neutral impression, but this actually means that it will be easier to notice flaws in the home, if any. You need to play dress-up in order to guarantee a great first impression of the home.


Consider doing a full cleanup of the home — clean the carpet, tiles, and walls to make sure any stains are covered up effectively. Customers like it when you tell them you helped to improve their day-to-day quality of life by starting them off with a clean slate. Consider developing relationships with house cleaning services if you have a few houses you want to sell at the same time.


Don’t forget about the outdoors too. A cut front porch and a backyard free of trash will do a lot to develop trust in the homeseller as well. If you are strapped for time but have a list of tasks that anyone can do, consider using Taskrabbit to do a few chores around the house. Gutters, however, require a specialist to do well — look for gutter cleaning services in your area for a starting point.


Decor is also very important for a first impression. Add some carpet or rugs into the interior layout to help keep the house look clean. Though the flooring may be a great shape, the added texture and depth of a rug will make any home feel cozier. A spotless shag rug may be just what a home is missing when trying to make a sale. Combine it with furniture like tables and chairs and you’ve crafted the perfect dining room layout at first glance.


While it may be a pain to shop for, rugs can be give you the best value for your buck. One of the best purchases can be a rug that can be used anywhere around the house. An outdoor rug that can also be placed indoors is especially versatile — it can add some utility and help keep the house spotless. Not only that, but if you have a pool in your backyard, you can place it near the back gate to catch all the dirt before re-entering the house after a tour.


A lot of the times, sales tactics rely on doing everything you can to develop great customer reception. Make a good first impression with every house you show.