Markets of which real estate is a market will fluctuate on a daily basis. Trends over a longer time atre what is most important. I do not think you can argue with a 29 month trend.  New invetories are coming to the market albiet slower than we would like to see, interest rates are still at historical lows. credit for mortgages continues to be tight but we do see some sign of it looosening up.and prices are raising.

I am not saying we have turned the corner. There are still some segments of the market that have problems. especially first time home buyers at the lower end of the market. I am saying we are improving. I think we have plenty of room for improvement. All markets are local and each individual has thier own needs. It is a realtor or brokers job to match those needs with the market. Let me know I would be pleased to help/

"Florida's strengthening economy and increased jobs outlook are positive signs for continued growth in the state's housing market," said 2014 Florida Realtors®President Sherri Meadows, CEO and team leader, Keller Williams, with market centers in Gainesville, Ocala and The Villages. "Statewide, new listings for single-family homes in April rose 9.2 percent year-over-year, while new townhouse-condo listings rose 1.4 percent. This increase in listings shows many Florida homeowners are continuing to regain equity in their homes. Potential sellers who were on the sidelines now believe the time is right to put their residences on the market.

"And, for the 29th month in row, median sales prices rose year-over-year for both single-family homes and townhome-condo properties."