The attcahed article indicates we are entering a more normal market. Yes thier are some issues for first time home buyers and yes altough mortgage rates are slightly  raisein they are still colose to thier historical lows. Migration of people into the state is up most likely due to severe weather conditions this winter and an increase in baby boomers retiring. Different markets will vary as most real estate is local but the point is as an average overall market we are entereing a more normal market. Inventory in some places is up and prices have had a good run. It is not to say we are not going to see further appreciation, it might be less as the market in general is in a significant point of the recovery stage. The real estate market is made up of a lot of segements and they seem to be coming into  balance. It depends on the market, price point and fetures of a property that determine demand and supply. The commercail real estate market also appears to be stablizing which is a good thing. As we enter a period of economic recovery both markets will show signs of improvement . The recovery is by no means robust and in many respects still has lots of room for improvemnet like on the jobs front. However things are getting bettter.