A lot has been written about improvemnet in the real estate market . I belive the trends are all positive. The market and real estate is a market is getting back to a more normal place. All real estate is locall and individual markets will vary. I think there is still room for improvement. There are a number of factors that will effect local markets. Therefore it is best to get information regarding the local markets from a professional. There are a number of golbal factors that are cntribuing to the local markets including low interest rates, a n improving ecoomy, albiet slower than expected, and raising prices.continued demand exceeding supply.. There are many other factors but these are the major ones. The commercial market tends to lag behind the residential market however we are seeing signs of improvemnt in that sector as well.

If you have real estate needs, please talk to your local agent. They can be a great source of information. In todays internet world information is plentyfull however you may need help  evaluating all that  is available.