Lowering mortgage insurance premiums is not a bad thing especially if the underwriting regulations are not reduced. They are already restrictive. I agree we should not hold new buyers accountable for the mistakes of older buyers are not the right thing to do. In fact, many of these buyers that got into trouble because  the banks made predatory loans and the banks were bailed out with tax payer money.  

"The Federal Housing Administration's new prices encourage sustainable home ownership for creditworthy borrowers," NAR President Chris Polychron said in a statement following the committee meeting. "FHA is not lowering its underwriting standards or luring irresponsible borrowers into homeownership, instead it is resetting its fees to appropriately balance anticipated risk while still making a profit to support its funds."

"FHA's new pricing is not going to magically bring all of the missing millennials to the closing table, but they, and the housing market, will certainly benefit from the reduction," Polychron said in a statement.