Eventually, a home reaches the point where it surpasses furnished and becomes cluttered. It’s at this crossroads you’re forced to let go of some of it for the sake of a clean, organized household. All these unwanted bits of furniture, electronics, and other things must go, and it’s just a matter of what gets recycled, donated, or just tossed.

Before anything else, take the time to think about what you’re going to do with all the clutter. First thoughts might go straight to the dumpster, but don’t be so hasty. Whatever it is that’s getting tossed, there could be a use for it elsewhere. Recycling, donating, and even selling your old things are completely viable ways to clear the clutter, provided time is taken to sort it.

Get a plan going. Clearing out your unwanted things is going to take coordination, time, and forethought. Sort what you know you want to get rid of, what you’re unsure of, and what you’re keeping into very distinct places. Get some help with taking it away to reduce the time and stress from a local junk removal company in Palm Beach. For the bits you’re unsure about getting rid of, think about how recently you’ve used it, or its sentimental value. If these give you pause, keep it. Otherwise, toss it.

Stay green and recycle whatever you can. Many seemingly random, useless objects are prime for recycling. Look up what things your local curbside service will take beforehand, otherwise you’ll have wasted time sorting through things that will be junked anyway. Anything the curbside service won’t take, look up drop-offs and other community efforts to contribute to. Taking the time to recycle helps the planet and your community, so go out of your way in your housecleaning to do it.

If it’s less a case of junk and more that it never gets used, don’t leap to trashing it. Consider the condition, age, and usability. If you’re replacing furniture or appliances, see if a local charity will take the old one. Your old sofa or table can be put to good use by the right charities.

After all of this, there’s bound to be plenty of unwanted and unrecyclables. Dispose of it through the proper channels, be it your curbside pickup, a service to do it for you, or a trip down to the disposal center yourself. Just be sure to use the proper channels in disposing of the actual trash found in your junk-cleaning. Keeping your community clean is just as important as your own home, so don’t leave things on the curbside without the intent to move them.