My web site, , has residential listings at various price points in different  palm beach county cities.

I also specialize in commercial real estate. Commercial real estate covers a lot of different types of real estate such as: raw land, office ,retail, medical , multi unit housing ,etc.

I have a lot of information on my site but I have noticed  the pages that deal with 1031 exchanges get a lot of hits and indicates a lot of interest. I have also received calls from around the country from people looking for answers on 1031 exchanges. This leads me to believe a lot of people are looking for tax deferment information .

I am not an accountant and I do not give financial advice. My area of expertise is in Real estate and business .

I try to match the purchaser with the right seller or the Lessee with the right property and land lord.

So if you need help please call me. I would be pleased to assist you.