I love technology. Prior to entering real estate I was in the consumer electronics business. While I believe that the internet gives us new and exciting access to technology, it also like many things in today’s life gives us easy access to a lot of negative things.

I grew up with a father who did not have more than an elementary education who was one of the first to land on Normandy Beach on D day. He taught me to use common sense. While I do believe reviews can be helpful, I question whether someone that has a grievance should be able to anonymously post it for the world to see and then hide behind their right of free speech.

Every industry and every business has its compliance watchdogs. Individuals I think should take the proper steps if they feel they have not been treated fairly or have gotten the goods or services they require. Businesses spend a lot of money marketing to produce sales. I do not know the specifics of this case and so I cannot take sides.

I just feel that it is common sense to approach grievances through proper channels then post them as a review anonymously.