Moving cities with your family is never an easy thing to do, especially when you’re trying to decide what neighborhood is best for you and your children. Multiple factors go into deciding what area is perfect for your family. Some factors include the quality and proximity of schools, access to public parks and spaces where children are free to run and play, how many grocery stores are close by--when it comes to the ideal neighborhood to raise children, the list can go on and on. And if you’re relocating to Palm Beach, Florida, there are quite a few neighborhoods here that can satisfy your needs.


With a year-round population of about 10,468 that grows to a staggering 30,000 during vacation season, you would assume that Palm Beach, Florida has a ton of things to do. If you assumed this, you would be absolutely correct. People who visit Palm Beach enjoy the town’s vibrant spirit, taking full advantage of the sights, sounds, and the overall pleasant, festive atmosphere Palm Beach exudes.


Some examples of interesting activities locals and tourists can partake in would be exploring McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, navigating the Gilded Age by visiting the Flagler Museum, admiring the Society of Four Arts Garden, and adventuring through the Phil Foster Park where you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches and the snorkeling trails. If you choose to live in Palm Beach, these are some of many activities you’ll be able to experience regularly; however, the question is, where will you live? In Palm Beach, there are plenty of excellent neighborhoods to choose between.



Approximately 15 miles away from downtown West Palm Beach is Wellington. Initially purchased in 1951 by a New York investor, this particular area of Palm Beach had suffered from frequent flooding due to its close proximity to the Everglades. Today, Wellington has made some huge strides since its humble beginnings, having been declared one the top 100 places to live in America by Money magazine.


In Wellington, residents have the best of both worlds; you have easy access to an upscale downtown area, and you are also free to roam and marvel at local nature. Each scene, though wildly different from one another, can be easily reached from Wellington. With such wide, open spaces available to residents in a relatively safe area, children are able to enjoy the fresh air, and, when it’s time to go for a family outing, you can explore downtown Palm Beach or enjoy any of the other nature sites Palm Beach has to offer.


Flamingo Park

Located close to downtown West Palm Beach, Flamingo Park is one of the county’s historic neighborhoods. Approximately 458 historic buildings are housed in this particular region of Palm Beach. This community features a variety of homes built anywhere from the 1920s until today with styles that range from Mediterranean to Spanish to modern. In this area, the demographic typically caters towards business owners in addition to retirees who seek a life outside of the bustling city scene. With the migration of more families, Flamingo Park has witnessed a significant drop in crime rate over recent years.


Because Flamingo Park is just West of downtown West Palm Beach, residents here have easy access to shops, in addition to other cultural amenities. From Flamingo Park, residents will also be close by Palm Beach International Airport and other major highways.


Lake Worth

Like many areas in Palm Beach, Lake Worth is reflective of the tranquil coastal city lifestyle. Here, residents have exposure to the city’s dynamic and extremely multi-cultural environment. The diversity within Lake Worth greatly contributes to the community’s impressive art scene. Creative expression through art is immensely important to the people of Lake Worth and, for anyone raising children, it’s always worthwhile to allow children to explore their creative side. In Lake Worth, arts programs are strongly supported by the city via public-private partnerships with

the intention to advocate creativity.



With its beaches, inlet, waterways, and nature sites, Jupiter really does have the feel of a true small town down. In terms of ideal areas to raise children, giving your kids plenty of space is always important; the breathtaking nature Jupiter offers can provide your kids with that kind of safe space. Additionally, this relaxing town is known for being friendly and active with plenty of walkers, cyclists, and joggers, so no neighborhood within Jupiter will lack a park or other friendly faces to connect with.


Regardless of your interests, whether it be art, education, sports, or history, Jupiter will have something to satisfy your needs.


Jupiter is also known as the bioscience hub of the county, as it is home to Scripps Research Institute, G4S, the Max Planck Institute, and Florida Atlantic University. These institutions alone provide tremendous business and economic opportunities for residents.


With top-rated schools, excellent neighborhoods, and a relaxed and balanced lifestyle, Jupiter is a perfect candidate for families.